Good reasons to unit test

As most software tend to grow in complexity over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to test. Less complicated software can be manually tested by pushing buttons in a structured way, but at a certain point the testing task becomes too complex for a manual test and only a fraction of the required tests are actually executed properly.

If no action is taken quality will decrease. Eventually the software will end in a state where adding one error correction introduces several other errors.

As the software itself needs to be broken into more manageable units, so too do the tests. As the new units are developed, it makes sense to consider adding automated unit tests, where each unit is isolated and tested out of its context.

The tests needs to be adapted to new features and functionality in the software. This is essential in the period from the initial release and until the software has matured.

The package can be used with software written in C, C++ and other types of compiled languages, including software for the BREW platform as well as software for most embedded systems.

The testape unit tests are not system dependent and can be integrated into build systems running on Windows, Linux or Unix platform. The TestApe unit tests contains ordinary plain source code and reports in ascii and as such all the deliverables are well suited to be part of any version control systems.

The TestApe framework has been used to develop automated test for BREW applications and embedded software for mobile phones. The framework has also been used to test Linux and windows command line tools. Stable versions of the framework is also used to test release candidates, before these becomes available on this site.


The latest headlines from

TestApe Release 1171 available, Aug 20th 2014

It has been a long time since last official release and the list of bugfixes, features and supported platforms accumulating in the beta has grown substantially. I am happy to annouce that a new release is ready.


TestApe beta version available, Jul 21th 2014

New beta version is now available for download.


TestApe Release 880 available, Dec 3rd 2011

New is this release are support for floating point validations and function mocking. Also, MinGW has been added to the list of supported platforms.


Forum change, Mar 27th 2011

TestApe forum is now hosted on Proboards. Support questions can be posted here or send directly on email. Due to ...


TestApe beta release available, Sep 27th 2011

TestApe can now be used with MinGW GCC on windows. Also supported in this beta are floating point types in validations or when mocking functions


IPad update for WebTTY, May 15th 2011

A small fix for webtty scripts, to allow the usage from Apple IPads. Tab on textarea to bring up IPad keyboard - you may have to scroll webpage beneath keyboard, in order to actually see what you're typing.

TestApe Release 791 available, Apr 2nd 2010

This release contains a new flexible mocking system with default mocks automatically generated for unresolved functions. Installation packages are available for GCC/Linux, GCC/CygWin as well Visual Studio 2009/Windows XP or Vista.