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Below you find links to current and older version of the testape unit test package. The package contains framework, documentation and instrumenter. You can choose between Windows and various Linux packages. Remember to read the terms of use. The latest official release is listed below. Latest beta release and older releases are also available.

If you miss support for a certain linker or operating system or if you want to report bugs or give ideas for improvements, please contact the author. You can call, use the forum, or write an email. Any feedback is very welcome - It is the feedback from TestApe users that will continue to make new development worth the effort.

August 20th, 2014, Release 1171

  • The ARM processor family is now supported. Tests can be compiled directly on arm based platforms or they can be cross compiled on intel based linux platforms. All functionality are supported - instrumentation, mocking, automatic default mocks, and floating point operations.
  • This release contains documentation and sample code that demonstrates how to customize TestApe, so that it can run on bare metal configurations or other operating systems. The symbols from testape in global namespace has been modified for consistency and the os dependencies has been collected in a few replacable object files.
  • Number of tests passed, failed and skipped is now shown in the summary. Failed validations are written to stderr with a file and line number reference. Summary and error output can be customized and controlled with commandline options to the test executable.
  • The exception handling has been overhauled. Only the current test is affected and test execution will resume from next test. It is now possible to write tests that verifies if a signal is rasied at the correct time. On the Windows platform TestApe can now detect and recover from more signals compared to the previous version.

  • Other features
    Fixed bugs
Notes on backward compatibillity
  • The test executable will no longer show the log as default on stdout. The detailed log can be enabled with -ol option.
  • The meaning and definition of the MOCK macro has changed. The old meaning of this macro is not used very much (most likely not at all). If this turns out to be a problem preventing someone from upgrading, please let me know.
  • Never version of Visual Studio with localized output are only supported for English and German output.

TestApe software package
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Documentation only testape-1171.pdf

Next release

There is currently no beta version available, but newest features and latest bugfixes can be found here as they arrive. The changes are too small to jusitify a new release - instead these minor changes will accumulate here until a new release is made.

Future releases

The following is currently planned for future releases
  • Tests for webtty to the package.
  • Examples in command reference section
  • Option to execute a single or a range of testcases from commandline based on testcase names.
You are also welcome to add proposals on the forum here.

Older releases

If you need the older releases you will find them in this section.

December 3rd, 2011, Release 880
April 2010, release 791
July 2008, release 556
june 2008, release 433
September 2007, release 408
October 2006, release 298


The latest headlines from Testape.com

TestApe Release 1171 available, Aug 20th 2014

It has been a long time since last official release and the list of bugfixes, features and supported platforms accumulating in the beta has grown substantially. I am happy to annouce that a new release is ready.


TestApe beta version available, Jul 21th 2014

New beta version is now available for download.


TestApe Release 880 available, Dec 3rd 2011

New is this release are support for floating point validations and function mocking. Also, MinGW has been added to the list of supported platforms.


Forum change, Mar 27th 2011

TestApe forum is now hosted on Proboards. Support questions can be posted here or send directly on email. Due to ...


TestApe beta release available, Sep 27th 2011

TestApe can now be used with MinGW GCC on windows. Also supported in this beta are floating point types in validations or when mocking functions


IPad update for WebTTY, May 15th 2011

A small fix for webtty scripts, to allow the usage from Apple IPads. Tab on textarea to bring up IPad keyboard - you may have to scroll webpage beneath keyboard, in order to actually see what you're typing.

TestApe Release 791 available, Apr 2nd 2010

This release contains a new flexible mocking system with default mocks automatically generated for unresolved functions. Installation packages are available for GCC/Linux, GCC/CygWin as well Visual Studio 2009/Windows XP or Vista.